Your search for the best apartments in Woodbridge, NJ can stop right here! If Woodbridge is your destination, we have you covered, whether it’s Woodbridge proper, Iselin, or Avenel. We have a total of 18 apartment communities in Woodbridge.

First, in Woodbridge we have several 1 and 2 bedroom flats for rent. They can include large kitchens and luxury style living. Some have a den on top of two bedrooms. They all have access to the pool and tennis courts.

In Iselin, we have the best apartments in Woodbridge, NJ that include some townhouse options. Rec rooms are also featured in some dwellings. We rarely highlight what’s missing in our apartments, but this community definitely lacks noise—it’s quiet and peaceful here. And when there is noise, it’s a welcome one: we have school busses come right into the complex to pick up the children, a great convenience and security feature.

We have more apartments in the Avenel area of Woodbridge. Got yoga? Classes are now offered in our newly-renovated clubhouse. We have 1 and 2 bedroom flats and townhouses available. New tennis courts feature free lessons on the weekends. We have a huge pool onsite for summer use. Heat, hot water and cooking gas are all included in the rent. And we are right across from the Woodbridge elementary and middle schools.

Come check out the community and see the best apartments in Woodbridge, NJ.