One of the first steps in growing up is getting a “big kid” bed. That means you’ve transitioned from sleeping in a crib to a full (or twin) size bed with a mattress, frame, and all. But a recent trend in minimalist décor has adults at Edison apartments and beyond sleeping on the floor. Okay, not totally on the floor, but adults are shedding the confines of traditional bedframes and headboards and cozying up a floor level. Buy why? Here are some benefits to putting your bed on the floor that you might not have realized.

  1. Easy Cleaning. Simply put, putting your bed on the floor eliminates dirt! Traditional beds that are elevated off the floor tend to collect dust and debris underneath. By putting your bed on the floor, you’ve eliminated a lot of space for dust bunnies to collect.
  2. Modern Look. If you’re going for a minimalist and modern look, putting your bed on the floor can be the perfect touch to overall bedroom décor. Apartments in Edison, and other urban areas, play with a variety of décor trends but modernism is super in right now. Add some simple white bed dressings and a low side table to complete the look.
  3. Higher Ceilings. So, it doesn’t actually make your ceilings taller, but having your bed on the floor does give the illusion of higher ceilings. High ceilings can open up any space and give your Edison apartment an airy feel.
  4. Clutter Reducer. Just like removing space for dust to gather, having your bed on the floor removes space for you to store clutter. Those empty shoe boxes you just can’t part ways with? They can’t hide under the bed anymore! It’ll make you focus on cleaning the clutter out of your bedroom and apartment in Edison, NJ.

Some may think having a bed on the floor is only for bachelors and young adults on the cusp of being “grown up.” But, in reality, there are a host of positive aspects to sleeping a little closer to the ground at Edison apartments. So, don’t let anyone give you guff for choosing a minimalist vibe.