Making the most of your home is all about being creative and exploring all the options you have to best utilize all of your available space. Your bathroom is one of the rooms in your East Rutherford, NJ rental that gets the most visits, so taking advantage of clever storage hacks is crucial when space may be limited, or storage options may be light. With these simple and quite creative ways to make your bathroom organized, your apartment will be a blissful oasis from your every day stresses.

  1. Give your walls some attention

These days, we have so many options when it comes to features that allow us to hang hooks on the wall without ruining the architecture. Command Strips will let you hang cute baskets that hold your toothbrush or hooks to show off your towels. For your jewelry, skip the knots and instead hang your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings up to keep all your fashionables on display and ready to wear. Get ready to make your guests jealous over your collection!

  1. Shut the door!

Don’t forget that your bathroom door can hold TONS of your belongings. You have many options for over-the-door storage units for your East Rutherford, NJ rental. From slot organizers to baskets to hooks, you have many options for units that will hang onto your robes, towels, vitamins, cleaners, toiletries, makeup, etc. – whatever you can think of! BONUS: there’s no worry about ruining the door so you can keep your security deposit!

  1. Shelving units #FTW

If you have the floor space, consider looking into a shelving unit that will store your items in a vertical fashion. Units that provide storage over the toilet or a free-standing one will work just fine; these are great for storing spare towels, electronics like hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons, and even decorative features like candles or succulents. You might as well make take full advantage of this unit and keep a few books and maybe a wine glass here as well for your at-home spa nights. Hey, you deserve it!

Maximize your space in a chic way at East Rutherford, NJ rental. Your guests will be impressed with your storage efficiency!