Do you pay the energy bills in your New Jersey apartment?

We’re here to save you money.

If you need your air conditioner again this summer, check the filter first. Filters should be replaced every 90 days if you live alone without pets, and monthly if there are multiple people or animals in the apartment.

An AC filter full of dust, dirt, and other debris not only increases your energy bills by making the unit work harder, they can make you sick. Filters are easy to replace and only cost a few bucks, so there’s no excuse!

Keeping out the cold is a different story. Don’t just plug drafts with cheap or makeshift insulation—always tell your landlord when winter sneaks in. Anything to do with the apartment’s fabric is her responsibility, and she should respond promptly. Even if you don’t feel obvious drafts, ask your landlord about insulation if you see a sudden, unexplained jump in energy costs.

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