Renting an apartment in Rahway is a pretty sweet deal.

Most people would say that you’re in striking distance of New York and New Brunswick without the hustle and expense. That’s true, but your Rahway rental is more than a pit stop between bigger cities. There’s plenty of fun right here on your doorstep.

Here a few recurring events near your apartment in Rahway, NJ. They’re free or affordable for families on a budget, so leave the car keys, grab your sweetheart, and prepare for homegrown good times.

Rahway Farmers Market
Come to Rahway Train Station Plaza (85 E. Milton Avenue, Rahway) every Thursday from noon-7 p.m. through November 13 for farm-fresh produce, baked goods, and other delights. Buying direct from the farmer guarantees freshness and low prices!

Union County Performing Arts Center
Union County PAC (1601 Irving Street, Rahway; see website for other stages) is a giant of North Jersey arts and culture, hosting nationally and regionally known theatre, film, comedy, and music performances. Keep an eye out for wine tastings, arts education, and other events too.

Music in Rahway District Park
Nice Friday evening? Grab a blanket, some snacks, and head over to Rahway Arts District Park, where there’s probably an acoustic or light electric performance under the stars from 7-9 p.m. Rock, pop, folk, jazz, blues, Latin—the schedule has all you can ask for. Affordable romantic getaways near your Rahway apartment don’t get any better!

Nothing makes you feel better than doing good. So if you’ve got time, check out volunteer opportunities at Whether you’re down for painting, planting, or simply cleaning up, your hometown will thank you, and you’ll go home knowing that part of Rahway’s resurgence belongs to you.

Stay tuned all summer long for more events and attractions near your Rahway, NJ apartment.