Warm weather means a wonderful opportunity for new décor! There are simple ways to add spring colors to apartments in North Brunswick. Typically, renters don’t have the luxury of changing the colors of the walls or flooring in their apartments, but there are ways to incorporate your favorite spring hues into your décor. Here are some great tips on adding color to your space.

Contact Paper

Using contact paper to create colorful, eye-catching elements in your apartment is a great way to temporarily personalize a space. And, today, there are so many contact paper options! There are several companies producing colorful and patterned contact paper that you can use in unique ways. Cover up boring kitchen cabinets with pops of color. Or, use contact paper to decorate the back wall of a bookcase for a hidden yet viewable element of color. The possibilities are endless!

Curtains and Throws

Things that can easily be changed with the seasons are curtains, throws, and decorative pillows. In addition, these elements can be stored when not in season relatively efficiently. Using fabric accessories to add color to apartments in North Brunswick is budget friendly and whatever style you choose is completely unique. Websites like Society6 have home items like throw pillows with unique designs from independent artists. Adorn your sofa with a beautiful Frida Kahlo throw pillow outfitted with spring hues. Or let the world know your true calling with a funny and bright “Nap Queen” throw.

Natural Color

What better way to add color to your home than by using nature’s own majesty? Spring is the perfect time to get new plants for your apartment. In addition to luscious leaves and beautiful blooms. To brighten your apartment, colorful violets or hydrangeas are great options for indoor planting. In addition, seasonal blooms like tulips and daffodils will scream spring. If you’re looking for just some extra green around your apartment and don’t have a green thumb, succulents of any variety are a great option. The best part about incorporating colorful or green plants into your décor is that you can get creative with potting options! Have a cute little succulent for your desk? Get a vintage tea cup to let it live in.

Apartments in North Brunswick will be bursting at the seams with color after a few simple additions. Happy decorating!