You don’t live in a dorm room anymore.

Isn’t it great? You’ve said goodbye to cinderblock walls and bunk beds, roommates and dish duty. You have rented an apartment in Roselle Park, NJ, and it’s all yours.

But this comes with responsibility. Your Roselle Park apartment isn’t just a pit stop—it’s your home. So make it look like one. Here are some essentials for making your Roselle Park apartment look slick and comfortable.

Curtains. Real ones. No bed sheets, tapestries, or venetian blinds—stylish curtains help make a room.

A proper desk. Need to work from home? You’ll do much better sitting at a functional desk than you will in bed or at a coffee table.

Placemats. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the presentation!

A crock-pot. Never used one? It’s just throwing ingredients into a pot and letting them simmer. But your guests will think you’re a brilliant chef!

Wooden hangers. Your clothes will thank you.

Plants. No room is complete without a bit of the great outdoors. Green plants can make your space come alive and some houseplants can even purify the air.

A Rug. A stylish area rug adds spice to even the most basic space.

A large, comfortable bed. Because futons just won’t do anymore.

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