Going to the spa involves a lot of effort. First, you have to find a free day in your schedule and pray it lines up with what the spa has available, then you have to schlep downtown to the location. And, let’s not forget the price of spa treatments! Why bother with all the inconvenience when you can make every day a spa day? These simple and luxurious tips will turn the bathrooms of Hillsborough, NJ, apartments into unforgettable spa experiences.
Crisp and Clean
Luckily, in most Hillsborough, NJ, apartments, you’ll start with a clean slate. The walls are already white and most likely the fixtures are, too. This puts you ahead of the game when trying to turn your bathroom into a tranquil and relaxing space. To finish out the crisp feel of your bathroom, upgrade to a luxurious bath rug and splurge on some decadent candles. If you’re lucky enough to have a bath tub in your apartment, consider purchasing a curved shower curtain to give it the allure of more space. While you’re at it, switch out your old shower curtain for a new clean version fit for a spa.
Luxurious Accessories
Next on the list are accessories that you’d find in any high-end spa. Find the perfect, luxurious robe and grab some slippers to match. If your bathroom door doesn’t already have built-in hooks, buy a simple rack to hang over the door for a convenient place to store your spa ensemble. Towels looking a little ratty? Splurge on just a couple of new, fancy towels instead of buying an entire set. You can save them specifically for spa days at home instead of putting them into regular rotation.
Final Touches
Scent and sound are two key elements to every spa experience. Taking the time to add final touches to bathrooms in Hillsborough, NJ, apartments will bring your home spa to the next level. For a relaxing vibe, purchase a waterproof, Bluetooth speaker to keep in the shower. You can tune into any number of themed stations on Pandora or Spotify with the volume low to provide the ambiance of a real spa. For an earthy but luxurious scent, use essential oils in your bathroom for the full spa experience. Oil diffusers like this can be found at several stores or online and provide a controlled method of using essential oils.
Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can easily turn any bathroom in Hillsborough, NJ, apartments into a lush and inviting place. Don’t forget to pick up some lotions and bath bombs to complete your luxurious experience!