What exactly is an IKEA hack? It’s a way that IKEA customers have adapted the original purpose for the IKEA product to best suit their own unique needs — and that can also meet the needs of people in similar situations. Hacking IKEA, a company already known for its clever organizational techniques, can maximize the space in your West Windsor, NJ, apartment.

  1. Cat Condo Heaven
    Turn your LIXHULT cabinets into the cat condo of your feline’s dreams. These stackable metal cabinets can be stacked on the floor (and, for safety’s sake, bolted to the wall) to make any kitty a vertical space worth exploring and playing in. And, if the cat parent wants to give the cat condo a bathroom… there’s a way to do that, too. Purchase a pet door from Amazon, cut a hole in the side of one of the cabinets, and install the cat door. Put the litter box inside that cabinet. Boom! You have a way to contain the mess of the litter box, give your cat some privacy to do his business (yes, some cats like that), and with the right litter and box cleaning schedule, contain the smell, too.
  2. Portable Wheeled Bar
    The SUNNERSTA kitchen cart is already versatile in its current form. But those wheels make the shelving unit portable within the home. So, if you use it as a liquor cabinet — or other beverages if alcohol isn’t your thing — then it can come with you from room to room as the party flows through your West Windsor, NJ, apartment. It can go from the kitchen to the dining or living room, even out to the balcony or patio. No more going back inside to refill – just wheel it with you.
  3. Magical Rose on Display
    Use the HÄRLIGA glass dome to display some beautiful flowers. The wooden base that comes with the dome immediately elicits thoughts of that famous magical rose in the Beast’s castle. If you love Beauty and the Beast, then there’s surely a way to enchant a silk rose to look like the one in the movie (live action or animated, take your pick). Or, you could just go with a terrarium for succulents. That might be easier to find than a magical rose.
  4. A Reading Nook or Chaise Lounge
    The FLEKKE daybed is an IKEA hacker’s dream. The cushions could be mounted such that you get the general feel of a chaise lounge, where you can lean against them while reclining, and reading a book. The drawers underneath the daybed become bookshelves, eliminating the need for a separate book case.
  5. Privacy Screens or Room Dividers
    The ELVARLI storage system has so many different uses, it’s hard to think of just one. Position it carefully in an open concept space, and you’ll have a way to create rooms. Fill one side with plants, the other side with books and/or photographs to help accentuate the feeling of having different rooms. If you want to make one of the newly created rooms more private, use fabric that matches the decor for that space on one side of the storage to create a kind of privacy screen.

The Swedish home giant is truly a master at multipurposing its products. There are certainly more ways to “hack” IKEA at your West Windsor, NJ, apartment. It just takes a creative genius (and maybe some help from Pinterest) to come up with the next hack. Maybe you’ll develop one in your new space!