Graduate students have many options for renting apartments in Princeton, NJ. Rich in history and culture, this area has something for everyone. From focus on fitness (we hosted Ironman this year) to theater/dinner combinations, to a wide variety of recreational activities, we offer more than you can take advantage of.

And here are 5 facts that make Princeton University itself a great place to be a graduate student.

  1. The 500-acre campus was named one of the most beautiful in the US by Travel and Leisure.
  2. It houses the Institute for Advanced Study, of which Albert Einstein was a lifelong member.
  3. It has its own art museum. Housing some 72,000 objects, it has a collection of Chinese art, Greek and Roman antiquity collections, and thousands of pictures in its photography collection.
  4. Rich in history, the first building on campus built in 1754-1756 is still in use! Nassau Hall survived the battle of Princeton during the Civil War, was briefly the seat of Congress (and therefore the capitol of the United States), and is on the national register of historic places.
  5. The University is well known for its academic excellence. Less well known is that, on a per student basis, it has the biggest endowment of any university in the country.

It’s difficult to give a comprehensive picture – this is just a taste of what could be 100 great facts about being a graduate student at Princeton. Here’s one more: we have lots of wonderful graduate student apartments in Princeton, NJ to make living in the perfect city…perfect.

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