Each year Pantone, the color matching company, announces a color of the year. For 2018, that color is Ultra Violet. Incorporating this color of the year into décor at rentals near Edison, NJ, can set your space apart from the average home and give it an updated feel. Using a brilliant color like violet, however, can be challenging for the average apartment dweller, but a few simple tricks will put your home at the forefront of interior design in no time.

  1. Easy accents. One of the easiest and least permanent ways to incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year into your décor is throw accents like throw pillows, blankets, and other small items. If you’re already working with a neutral palette with white walls and neutral furniture, incorporating ultra violet won’t be difficult.
  2. Pick a room. Speaking of neutral backdrops, it’s easiest to use ultra violet at rentals near Edison, NJ, that have a blank slate. So, pick a room where you aren’t already working with a lot of color to highlight this color of the year. Plain bathroom? Pop an ultra violet bath rug or shower curtain up while the trend is hot.
  3. Think small. Since Pantone’s Color of the Year changes annually, you don’t want to invest a ton of money at rentals near Edison, NJ, in completely new décor. Go small. You’ll still be able to be trendy without a huge investment. For example, incorporate ultra violet in the kitchen with a new mug and tea set or placemats. You don’t have to go big to get in on the trend.
  4. DIY décor. Creating your own ultra violet décor can be rewarding and cost conscious. Ever go to one of those paint and wine nights? Why not try creating a work of art with the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year? You’ll have a load of fun and come out with trendy décor at the end! Or, maybe consider refinishing a set of mirrors to reflect the hue – cheap, quick, and trendy.

No matter how you choose to use ultra violet at rentals near Edison, NJ, make sure it speaks to and your overall décor. Whether you’re dabbling or really going for it, your guests will appreciate that you have your finger on the pulse of the latest design trends.