There’s no better place to be during harsh Northeast winters than the bed in your apartment near Carteret, NJ. So, why not make it the warmest and most inviting place in your home? Obviously, you shouldn’t spend the entire winter in bed, but lingering a little bit longer than normal on the coldest mornings can make for a mood-boosting start to the day – especially if it’s almost too inviting to leave. Here are some easy ways to up the comfy quotient on your bed.

New Sheets

Buying some new sheets for your bed is an instant way to make it more inviting. Think about how getting into luxurious hotel beds feels – you can recreate that in your own apartment near Carteret, NJ. Try playing with different materials, too. Looking for ultimate warmth? Invest in some high-quality flannel sheets. Not all flannel sheets are made equal and cheaper versions are prone to pilling and a rough surface when they’ve been washed a few times.


Even if you’re investing in some new sheets, or just pulling out last winter’s set, wash everything that goes into making your bed yours. From pillowcases to duvets and duvet covers, throw it all in the wash to make sure it’s as fresh as possible. Take this opportunity to wash or replace old pillows, too. Pillows can harbor lots of nasty bacteria and should be washed or replaced frequently. Pro tip: toss some tennis balls in the dryer to make sure the fluff stays even and fluffy. A clean bed is the most inviting thing in the world!

Make It

So, obviously, you can’t make your bed if you’re hanging out in it. But, one of the easiest ways to make your bed more inviting is to make it! You might be one of the many who religiously make their beds every morning – but if you’re not, switching it up can make a difference! One of the best parts about staying at a hotel is the pristinely made bed, right? Recreate that at your apartment near Carteret, NJ, and brush up on your bed-making skills. Also, right after your bedding comes out of the dryer, make the bed and reduce wrinkles!

Enjoy the winter landscape from your warm and cozy bed this season!