Looking for fun this holiday season? Here are 3 Christmas events near Woodbridge NJ rentals you don’t want to miss!

At the Woodbridge Center Mall, you can get your photo taken with Santa. That’s anything from just one child, a couple of children, to your whole family. A lot of people want photos for the holidays. But they often don’t realize the treasure they have for the future—a photo to look back on to remind people, who have perhaps grown up or retired in the intervening years of that fun trip.

Here’s an option you might not have thought through. Ever bring your dog or cat to the mall? Well, now you can – if it’s to see Santa. You always knew a guy who commutes with reindeer was pet friendly, of course. But now you can get Fido’s picture with him. Monday nights only.

You can save big on these events if you purchase your package ahead of time, before your visit.

Of course, you can also help Santa out by shopping there. Store include everything from Bath & Body works to Dicks Sporting Goods. Stock up on gifts for people on your nice list this holiday season.

And if you live in one of our Woodbridge, NJ, rentals, you’re right nearby. Hurry – Santa’s waiting!